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    Multimedia Lessons

    Rule of Law and Human Rights in Asia

    Rule of Law and Human Rights in Asia

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    Lesson Series 70

    Violence against women

    Violence against women is a long standing and deep rooted occurrence. ‘Modernity’ has simply led to a change in its forms, rather than elimination. Not only is this violence a violation of women’s basic rights, but it is also an issue of discrimination, speaking to a fundamental problem within society. Unless women and men are truly considered equal, society cannot progress effectively.

    The lesson will end by examining the state of various human rights in Asia.... view lesson ... 


    Freedom of expression and opinion Lesson Series 69

    Freedom of expression and opinion

    This lesson will look at the right to freedom of expression and opinion, which is curtailed to varying degrees throughout Asia. The lesson will examine cases and laws in various countries relating to freedom of expression, as well as how the denial of this key right leads to the violation of various other rights as well.

    The lesson will end by examining the state of various human rights in Asia.... view lesson ... 


    Human Rights Education

    "Tim was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages. So ignorant, that he bought a cow to ride on."  --Benjamin Franklin           

    Human rights education in most cases is like the situation described in the above quote. Various human rights education courses have produced individuals who can use the human rights language or 'buzzwords' effectively. However, when these individuals are faced with gross human rights problems such as torture, hunger, discrimination and the like, these 'educated' persons either do not do anything to address the problem, or do things that have no real bearing on the problem.

    The AHRC Human Rights Correspondence School is an attempt to introduce a different way of studying human rights; to get on the horse first, before learning how to ride it; to recognize the violations of rights first, before learning which international conventions should be applied. It is with this concept in mind that the lessons have been designed. The lessons identify specific human rights issues, what can be done to address these issues and what is being done.

    Basil Fernando
    Executive Director
    Asian Human Rights Commission

    Human Rights Correspondence School
    Asian Human Rights Commission
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